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Expanding Product

All the components have the same bulk density and are therefore suitable for the use on all the machines for expanded thermoplastics without any separation of the components in the hopper.

The gas developed at optimal working conditions is useful for the effective expansion of the artifact. The four main features of VEBEL OC are:

  • Constant quality;
  • High fluidity;
  • Very fast cycles of production;
  • Inflating agents with low temperature decomposition and a high yield.


Expanding Product 1 - Tekknostampi Expanding Product 2 - Tekknostampi



The VEBEL of the OC series contain two types of organic inflating with a synergic action which, with decomposition, develops mostly nitrogen (useful gas) and at equal concentration, in relation to other types, a greater quantity of gas.

We recommend moulds in pure aluminum and not in steel or other light alloys as only the aluminum ones are free from unwanted elements, such as traces of copper, beryllium and others.

These unwanted elements can cause problems such as the decrease of the expansion, the formation of a white patina on the moulds and on the printed material, and finally corrosion of the moulds themselves.

Considering that during the moulding the expanded pressures are rather modest, the use of steel with its cost and its weight is not appropriate. The light alloys, although they are easier to process by fusion, always have a higher specific weight and increase the cost when changing the moulds.



The tone of the colour may vary slightly after several mouldings and with the egree of expansion a uniform expansion and a uniform colour are achieved.

The four-digit number written below the VEBEL OC code indicates the tone of the colour.